About CalculatorDonkey.com

Hi, thanks for visiting CalculatorDonkey.com. My name is Jordan Daley and I own and operate this site. I enjoy both problem solving and web development, so this calculator based website is the natural result of those two interests.

In addition to CalculatorDonkey.com, I also own and operate a fitness focused website called ShapeSense.com, which was my first web development project. Much of the web development lessons that I learned while creating ShapeSense have been incorporated into CalculatorDonkey.

I built CalculatorDonkey.com to be simple, responsive, and fast by starting with the W3.CSS framework created by W3Schools and then custom modifying it to suit my needs. Thank you W3Schools for creating a great framework and making it freely available. If you want to learn about web development, they are the first place to go.

I try my best to ensure that everything found on CalculatorDonkey.com is correct, comprehensive, and accurate, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you find a mistake you'd like to let me know about, or have any questions or comments whatsoever please feel free to contact me. Unless explicitly stated otherwise the copyright for all content on CalculatorDonkey.com belongs to me, Jordan Daley. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the site!