's Privacy Policy

I'll try to make this straightforward, because it doesn't need to be too complicated...

I, Jordan Daley, owner and operator of, will never willfully provide your personal information, or any other information about you, to any other person or organization without first acquiring your full consent.

You don't have to worry about your login and password information being stolen from, because does not have logins and passwords.

If you email me (see the contact page), then I will have your email address and whatever other information that you include in your email, but I won't provide it to any other person or organization without your full consent.

You don't need to worry about me accessing the information that you enter into the site's calculators, because the calculators run on client side scripts. This means that information entered into the calculators is not sent to the site's servers (i.e. the computers on which the site resides) but rather is processed entirely on your own device. Instead of your device sending your calculator input to the site's servers to be processed, the site's servers send the calculation instructions to your device so it can keep your information and do all the calculating work itself.

Cookies uses Google Analytics to keep track of how many visitors are visiting the site and what they are doing while they are on the site. The point is to understand what areas of the site are working well and what areas are not working well.

When a user visits for the first time Google Analytics creates a "cookie" (a text-only file) on the user's device to help Google Analytics identify that user while they are using and track what they are doing on the site. Tracking what a user is doing means understanding what web pages they visited, how long they stayed on each web page, what links or advertisements they clicked, where in the world they are located (to the nearest city only), what type of device they accessed the site with, what web browser they were using, etc. It's important to understand that the cookies created by Google Analytics don't know who a user actually is (in terms of their real name, address, phone number, etc.), but rather it assigns them a unique identifier, called a "Client ID", that look sort of like this: GA1.2.95681227.1536002097.

So, when you visit, Google Analytics will recognize you by your Client ID if you've been there before, or else create a Client ID for you if you've never been there before, and follow what you do while you are on the site.

If you don't want Google Analytics to track you while you are on, that's not a problem. You can disable your browser's cookie function or have your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the option to decide whether or not you wish to accept it. See your browser's "Help" menu for more information about how you can manage cookies.